The goal of confirmation is to lead the youth toward a more intimate union with Jesus Christ and a stronger familiarity with the Holy Spirit to include actions, gifts, and discernment. In confirmation youth gain a better understanding of their faith as Catholic Christians and discern how to live the Christian life “out loud” with purpose and intent to create a better world.

Confirmation begins at Freshman year of high school and journeys for two years. Because of busy schedules, youth are given the flexibility to complete Confirmation up to four years.  This is accomplished by having the youth attend 16 confirmation sessions and 10 Haven Nights.

Confirmation youth are required to meet the following to complete preparation for Confirmation:

  • Registered in Youth Ministry in Haven and Confirmation for the current year
  • Complete 16 Saturday or Sunday confirmation meetings (1 hour each) and attend 10 Haven Nights (usually 2nd Saturday of the month from 5pm to 9pm).
  • Attend 2 retreats (one being the Confirmation retreat at Year II)
  • 20 service hours total at an approved site. Up to 10 hours from other locations are transferable.

What is Year I and II Confirmation?

  • Year I confirmation (C1) students are those that are entering confirmation for the first time (usually Freshmen).
  • Year II confirmation (C2) students are those that have completed one full year as a confirmation student and are in the process of completing their remaining requirements for confirmation.

1st Communion Preparation for High School is completed through the Confirmation process. At the confirmation ceremony the youth can receive Confirmation and 1st Communion.

For more information, please contact our Youth Minister, George Vasquez at or 949.831.2349.

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