Technology Team

Media/Tech Team

The Volunteer Media/Tech Team at Corpus Christi is a group of servants that have a passion for creating a visually and audibly engaging worship environment.


The goal is to lead parishioners into worship by creating a distraction-free environment by integrating the technologies of audio, video and graphic presentations.


Whether you are young or old, experienced or willing to learn, we have a place for you on this team!


The media/tech roles that are currently open are:

Audio Engineer: Audio Engineer_Job_Description

Camera Operator: Cam_Op_Job_Description

LiveStream Operator: LiveStream_Op_Job_Description

Presentation Position: Presentation_Position_Description

Tech Director: Tech_Diredtor_Job_Description


Click on the links above to see the job description and details about the specific position.


To join this ministry or for more information contact:
George Vasquez

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