Life, Justice, & Peace Ministry

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Ministry Purpose

The first purpose of Life, Justice, & Peace Ministry is to promote within the Corpus Christi community the words of Jesus as they apply to social justice issues and Catholic Social Teachings as stated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The second purpose of the Life, Justice, & Peace Ministry is to make its message an experience that individuals will be able to directly apply to their everyday lives. Jesus tells us in his Second Great Commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself.” The U.S. Bishops tell us in their 1998 reflection, Everyday Christianity: To Hunger and Thirst for Justice, “The measure of the Church’s organized social ministry is not simply the teaching shared, the services offered, the actions taken, but also the support and challenge provided for men and women as they seek to live the Gospel in the world.”


Ministry Initiatives

The Life, Justice, & Peace Ministry will consider any initiative that is in keeping with the words of Jesus regarding loving our neighbors. Topics suggested by the LJ&P division of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange include abortion, death penaty, disabilities, end of life issues, ethical trade, faithful citizenship, global solidarity, human trafficking, hunger/food insecurity, immigration, labor/employment, racial reconciliation, restorative justice/incarceration, war, and many more.


Ministry Contacts

For more information, or to join this vital ministry, you may contact Joe Lock at 949.434.4263 or Susie Hays at 949.389.9295


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