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Corpus Christi’s Catholic Coalition liaisons are Jeannie & Jim Bresnen (prioli100@cox.net & jimbresnen@yahoo.com).

February 2020 Catholic Coalition News

The next build days at the Fullerton site are

Thursday, February 20, & Saturday, February 22

418 West Valencia Drive, Fullerton, CA 92832


This year, as a member of the Habitat for Humanity Orange County Catholic Coalition, our Soup & Sacrifice Friday Lenten Almsgiving will go to Habitat for Humanity.

Catholic Coalition:  Corpus Christi is one of several parishes and organizations in our Diocese that have combined to create the Catholic Coalition, which is a Cornerstone Builder for the 12 – home development in Fullerton, where four houses will be built over each of the next three years. Last year’s four houses were dedicated back in December, and work is already underway on this year’s houses.

Volunteer: If you’d like to volunteer at the build site in Fullerton (construction jobs are waitlist only right now, but there are plenty of other jobs to be done at build sites), or at other locations and in other capacities, please visit Sign up to volunteer by visiting VolunteerHub. Follow this link if you need instructions.


Questions? Contact Jeannie & Jim Bresnen (prioli100@cox.net & jimbresnen@yahoo.com) and they will be happy to assist you.



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