Youth Leaders
Youth leaders are a select group of youth that serve the community of Corpus Christi through their time and talents. As servant leaders, youth leaders lead the JAMS middle school ministry and support the parish in service and leadership.

The Selection Process
Youth at Corpus Christi Catholic go through a strenuous process to become youth leaders. Each year in the Spring high school youth and graduating 8th graders are invited to apply to the Youth Leadership program. After completing the application process, youth are interviewed by a panel of senior youth leaders and the youth minister. Through a process of discernment, the youth are selected for the upcoming year.

The Training
During the summer, the selected youth leaders attend a week long training in the summer that teaches them leadership skills and helps them unite as a team. Each month youth leaders attend a monthly training meeting and a monthly prep meetings as they prepare to lead the JAMS (Middle School) program.

Youth Leadership Application 2018/2019

For more information, please go to or contact our youth minister directly at or 949.831.2349.

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