Welcome to Youth Ministry here at Corpus Christi Catholic Church. On behalf of our Pastor Fr. Tim Ramaekers, it is my great honor to introduce to you what Corpus Christi Youth Ministry has to offer our young people.

From the 6th grade until the end of their senior year in high school, Youth Ministry at Corpus Christi offers spiritual and sacramental growth in a personal, relational, dynamic, and comprehensive experience.

Our Middle School Ministry (grades 6th to 8th) offers young people 3 years of, engaging, fun, and real faith filled experiences through our Sunday Edge Nights. We will also offer an event at Knott’s Berry Farm called Middle School Youth Day sponsored by the Diocese of Orange. We are also planning an amazing weekend retreat for our middle schoolers at a nearby camp.

Our High School Youth Ministry offers four (4) years of relational ministry and faith- based experiences that are vital to the spiritual development of young people throughout their high school years. The two-year process to receive Confirmation is just one component of our Youth Ministry. Youth Ministry at Corpus Christi goes beyond what one may learn in a religion class and allows a young person to actually experience their faith and become true disciples of Christ.

Through our Summit groups and our youth group meetings called Life Nights young people deepen their relationship with Christ. We also offer Bible Nights, one day Youth Events in Anaheim and Magic Mountain, LIFE TEEN retreats, weekend youth conferences such as Steubenville, summer activities, Youth Leadership opportunities service projects and more.

Corpus Christi Youth Ministry is truly a unique experience. Our parish here at Corpus Christi is a purpose driven Catholic Church. Everything that Youth Ministry offers is intentional about the mission of Christ and His Church. Christ offers us the “best” and we want to offer the best to our young people as well. Please know that as your Youth Minister I will always strive to bring our young people closer to Christ here at Corpus Christi Catholic Church. I invite you to find out more about what we plan to offer our young people. If you would like to help our mission to love God, love others, grow, serve, and proclaim or if you have any questions please email or call me at 949.297.8516. May God Bless you and Mary keep you.

Your Servant in Christ,

George Vasquez, Youth Minister

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