F.I.S.H. (grade 1 – 5) Faith-Initiative-Starts at-Home

2020 – 2021 F.I.S.H. Faith Formation & Sacramental Preparation


Grades 1st – 5th

_FISH (Faith Initiative Starts at Home) is Corpus Christi’s faith formation program for children in grades 1 through 5.


For the most up to date information, please go to our new Corpus Christi Children’s Faith Formation (CFF) Google site – https://sites.google.com/view/ccav-cff/cff-programs



FISH offers Wednesday classes at Corpus Christi, as well as Virtual or Home Study_

Registration is required for all options for ALL families (returning and new)


For more information, and to register your child, please access the 2021 – 2022 FISH Registration Form


2021-2022 Children’s Faith Formation Calendar

First Reconciliation & First Eucharist Information:


1. Preparation of First Holy Eucharist begins in 1st grade (or any grade after) and is usually a two-consecutive year process. Children must be baptized before they can receive First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Children must be re-registered each year. &

2. Baptism certificates must be turned in with registration or within 1 month of registering for Sacramental Preparation. &

3. Families whose children are preparing for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are also required to attend at least 3 Intergenerational Events EACH year they are enrolled in Sacramental Preparation  Please Note: Attendance at Intergenerational Events must include family members AND student. &

4. Attendance at a Sacramental Preparation Retreat. Please Note: Attendance at Sacramental Preparation Retreat must include one or both parents/guardians AND student. &

Sign-ups for the Sacramental Preparation Retreat will occur after the last Intergenerational Event AND after determining the students who have fulfilled all the First Reconciliation and First Eucharist requirements.  An email will be sent notifying parents to sign-up. &

Please see the FISH calendar above for the Sacramental Preparation Retreat dates, First Reconciliation dates, and First Communion Weekend dates.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our FISH Coordinator, Maria Inciong, at MariaInciong@CorpusChristiAlisoViejo.org. or call her at 949.389.9008.

2019 – 2020 Circle of Grace 

What is “Circle of Grace”? / A General Overview – cog_philosophy_goals

Action steps to take regarding sensitive situations – cog_reference_key-steps_for_leaders

Cicle of Grace Vocabulary by grade level – cog_vocabulary_grade_1-5cog_

Circle of Grace Grade 1 Lesson – cog_lesson_plan_grade_1

Circle of Grace Grade 2 Lesson – cog_lesson_plan_grade_2

Circle of Grace Grade 3 Lesson cog_lesson_plan_grade_3

Circle of Grace Grade 4 Lesson – cog_lesson_plan_grade_4

Circle of Grace Grade 5 Lesson – cog_lesson_plan_grade_5

Child and Youth Protection Information 



FISH is in need of volunteer teachers and aides for our elementary aged children (Grades 1-5)
All teachers will be partnered & will receive training

Teachers and Aides need to be:

Registered members of Corpus Christi

Confirmed and actively practicing Catholics

Enjoy working with children

All adult volunteers must be fingerprinted and safe-environment cleared.


FISH Servant Leader (Volunteer) Form

For any questions you may have about our F.I.S.H. program, please contact our F.I.S.H. Coordinator Maria Inciong at: 949.389.9209 or mariainciong@corpuschristialisoviejo.org

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