Inheritance Of Hope – Our Future

Our Future

Something must be done if we are to envision a brighter future and begin Building an Inheritance of Hope. This campaign is about owning our building, from the pillars and windows to the walkways outside. It is about giving thanks for the beautiful home we have been given. It is about honoring the commitment each of us has made to be here and clearing the path ahead for the future of our parish.

A successful campaign will…

  • Remove the pressure of meeting the monthly mortgage payments
  • Cut the remaining life of the loan in half
  • Save the parish over $800,000 in interest payments
  • Allow the parish to focus on our commitments to Worship, Connect, Grow, Proclaim, and Serve.

A successful campaign will allow us to do all of this, but we need your help.


“Bob and I are so excited about the capital campaign to eliminate the mortgage payment. We are so blessed to live in Aliso Viejo and have Corpus Christi as our faith home. Imagine the things that our faith community could do if we had the funds for ministries, reaching out to our faith family in need and extending to others in Orange County.”

 Bob & Chris Beck



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