Inheritance of Hope – A Letter From Father Tim

A letter from Fr. Tim

Our parish has certainly come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a Pastoral Outreach, meeting in the Oak Grove Elementary School auditorium. Many of us have witnessed the entire, incredible journey to our current facility. Some of us are new arrivals. Whether a founder or a newcomer, we are all part of the Body of Christ lived out most immediately in our parish community.

Corpus Christi’s story has been punctuated by the many generous sacrifices of its parishioners. Year after year, the parish has used the Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) to slowly, piece by piece, reduce our debt. We are profoundly grateful for these sacrifices because they have helped us get to where we are today. This generosity has provided a rich and storied history for our community, which gives us cause to truly Celebrate our Past. This year, we are setting our sights a bit higher.

We have a choice to make. We can continue to dedicate every financial resource, including the PSA, and slowly pay off our debt over the next 40 years or we can come together and significantly reduce our debt this year. The sooner we eliminate the debt, the sooner we can Envision our Future by focusing on the long-term growth of the parish and the important ministries we can provide to the community in Aliso Viejo.

I am asking for your support in the form of a pledge paid over the next three years. Through this effort, we will be paving the way for a brighter future at Corpus Christi. I encourage you to read through this case statement booklet where we have enumerated the ways reducing the debt will help our parish and how your gift can make a difference.

If we achieve our fundraising goals, we will take a sizeable chunk out of this debt. It will not come without sacrifice, however. Please know that you will determine the success of this effort and, thus, build a strong future for our parish. I ask that you take this time to prayerfully consider your commitment to our campaign, knowing that no gift is too small or too great and that every gift matters.

If one of our campaign volunteer reaches out to you for your support, please be respectful of them and their time. I have personally asked them to help me in this endeavor and they are taking the time out of their busy lives to do so.

The Pastoral Council, Finance Council, the many who responded to the feasibility study and I are excited to embark on our Building an Inheritance of Hope Campaign. I feel greatly assured that the best chapters in our story are ahead of us. My blessing is to be your pastor, now and for all that is to come.

Fr. Tim

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