LIFT (Ladies In Faith Together)



What women are saying about Ladies in Faith Together!

“I have grown significantly in my faith and prayer life, and I am learning to be open and self-confident.

“I have a more personal relationship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary. I have become more compassionate toward my family and other relationships in my life.”

“As I become closer to Christ I am able to look at my role as a wife and mother, in a faith-based way. I believe it has made me better at both.”


Today there are 60 women in LIFT divided into small groups.

Join us on one of the following dates and learn more about this Catholic Christian group of women.

September 20, 2018 ~ Touching the Divine

October 18, 2018 ~ Jesus, the Living Water

December 6, 2018 ~ Jesus, the Light of the World

January 31, 2018 ~ Jesus, the King

March 14, 2018 ~ Jesus, the Intercessor

April 11, 2018 ~ Jesus, the Restorer


Why join a LIFT small group and participate in small group discussions? Connect and learn from each other’s experience, strength and hope.

Be closer to Christ.

Pray for one another.


We meet on Thursdays 9:30-11:30 am or 6:30-8:30 pm for the purpose of learning more about Christ and holy scripture.

Don’t wait to experience all the miracles of change Christ has to offer!

Call Karen Barnett for more information 949-613-0617 or email


LIFT 2018/2019 Bible Study Flyer

Walking with Purpose Flyer




What is LIFT?

LIFT  ( Ladies In Faith Together) endeavors to create an atmosphere where women can encourage each other through fellowship to deepen their relationship with God.

We offer an assortment of programs / events specifically designed to nurture, support, and equip each other to faithfully use our God-given gifts.

LIFT is a place where women are supported and empowered to be disciples of Christ by other woman.

For questions or to join LIFT, please contact Karen Barnett at or 949.613.0617