40 Days Of Purpose – A Parish Spiritual Renewal


40 Days Of Purpose Study Guide

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Watch each session here:

Session 1 – You Matter to God

Session 2 – Worship: Love God

Session 3 – Connect: You Were Formed for God’s Family

Session 4 – Grow: You were created to become like Christ

Session 5 – Serve: You were shaped for serving God

Session 6 – Proclaim: You were made for a mission


Thank you for participating in 40 Days of Purpose

What happens next?

It’s the 41st Day – the day after 40 Days of Purpose has ended. Now what? Keep the momentum of your small group going by deciding where and at what time you will meet next week. Just like other spiritual habits, connecting regularly with your small group will bring you closer to God and his family, so make sure your small group meeting is on your calendar now.  Also, please refer to your 40 Days of Purpose Study Guide for more ideas on what to next. 

For those of you who were unable to join us for 40 Days of Purpose but are now interested in either joining or creating a small group, please contact the Parish at: info@avcatholics.org for more information on “The 41st Day”.


See you next year!

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