No On Prop 1

This weekend, Fr. Tim’s homily is part of a series of homilies that the California Bishops have asked all pastors to make in regards to Proposition 1, a measure that will be voted on this November. You may view Father’s homily here.

Why Vote No on Proposition 1?
A NO vote on Proposition 1 would not remove or diminish current abortion access in California. The Church empathizes with women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, or experiencing a difficult, life-threatening pregnancy, however Proposition 1 is not necessary to protect women’s health or rights. Instead, it increases abortion access beyond current reasonable limits to the moment of birth, without cause or justification. Proposition 1 would also increase burden upon California tax payers by enabling residents of other states to receive abortions at no cost in California.

You can learn more about Proposition 1 here.

We have all been asked to pray a novena to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary beginning on September 29th. You can see the full novena schedule here.

If you or someone you know find yourself with an unexpected pregnancy and no support, or are experiencing a difficult or life-threatening pregnancy, please visit this website for services and resources.

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