We Are Live Streaming the 10AM Mass!

We are very happy to announce that we will be live streaming our 10am Sunday Masses!


We have returned to our REGULAR MASS TIMES:

(Saturday: 5pm, Sunday: 8am, 10am* & 12pm)

[*Mass livestreamed to Youtube and Facebook]


Remember, we will still have social distancing practices in place.  Click here for our current social distancing practices.

*Click here to go to our parish YouTube Channel to see the Live Stream: Corpus Christi Catholic Church YouTube Channel

*Click here to go to our parish Facebook page to see the Live Stream: Corpus Christi Catholic Church Facebook Page


Bishop Timothy Freyer has directed parishes to no longer have worship aids available for weekend Masses.
Below is an excerpt from his email to Pastors:
Friday, July 3, 2020
From Bishop Tim Freyer
“The State of California has just issued revised directives regarding places of worship. The only substantial change bans congregations from singing at religious services. To discourage congregational singing, please:
· Have a maximum of one cantor (no choirs, ensembles, quartets, etc.)
· Ask the cantor not to gesture to invite the assembly to sing
· Do not project lyrics, distribute song sheets, etc.
· Do not sing or chant the presider’s prayers which will cause the assembly to respond by singing their response.”
We respectfully ask you to follow our Bishop’s directions and refrain from singing at Mass. Thank you

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