Regular Weekend Mass Schedule This Weekend

Regular Weekend Mass Schedule This Weekend

Saturday: 5pm

Sunday: 8am, 10am*, and 12noon (*Live Streamed via our parish YouTube Channel)


Social Distancing Practices Are Still In Place

  • 100 parishioners can attend a Mass in the Grand Hall during this phase.
  • The first 100 parishioners who show up before Mass will be allowed in the Grand Hall. Once we’ve reached the 100 limit the door into the Grand Hall will be closed. It will be “first come, first serve”.


  • The Grand Hall will be opened 20 minutes before the start of Mass. Plan on arriving early to get a seat in the Grand Hall.
  • If you are not among the first 100, you can still attend by remaining outdoors in our courtyard area. We have outdoor speakers so you will be able to hear Mass. You will also be able to receive Holy Communion. You may want to bring sunscreen, a hat, and a chair. Please maintain a 6-foot physical distance from one another outside of family.
Three-Fold Approach
There is a three-fold approach around attending Mass on Sunday:
1. Before You Arrive
2. As You Arrive and
3. While You’re Here.
1) Before You Arrive
Before you leave your front door, please do the following:
Make a Personal Health Assessment

We respectfully request that anyone who has a health condition that places them at risk, or anyone who has been exposed to the Coronavirus, remain home at this time. Also, we encourage those who are over 65 years of age to remain home as well.

Remember, we are now live streaming our 10am Sunday Mass on our parish YouTube Channel.
Also, the Bishop continues the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
Mask or face covering is required
Everyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask or face covering during Mass. No one will be allowed to enter the Grand Hall without a mask or face covering and it’s to be worn at all times. At this time, the parish will not be providing a mask or face covering. That is your responsibility.
Worship Aids
Beginning immediately, Bishop Timothy Freyer has directed parishes to no longer have worship aids available for weekend Masses.
Below is an excerpt from his email to Pastors:
Friday, July 3, 2020
From Bishop Tim Freyer
“The State of California has just issued revised directives regarding places of worship. The only substantial change bans congregations from singing at religious services. To discourage congregational singing, please:
· Have a maximum of one cantor (no choirs, ensembles, quartets, etc.)
· Ask the cantor not to gesture to invite the assembly to sing
· Do not project lyrics, distribute song sheets, etc.
· Do not sing or chant the presider’s prayers which will cause the assembly to respond by singing their response.”
We respectfully ask you to follow our Bishop’s directions and refrain from singing at Mass. Thank you
As You Arrive
• Please wear your mask or face covering as you exit your vehicle.
• Please keep physical distancing of 6 feet.
• There will be one entrance door.
• The Church door will open 20 minutes prior to Mass.
• Hand sanitizers will be available and to be used as you enter the church.
• The collection basket will be near the Baptismal Font as you enter. Thank you for your continued generosity!
• Hospitality Ministers will direct you to your seat.
• Sanitize your chair*.
*A sanitize wipe in a zip lock bag will be on a table in front of the baptismal font as you enter the one entrance door, please take one, and sanitize your chair.
While You’re Here
• Once seated please remain in your seat throughout Mass.
• The Cry Room (Family Room) will not be available for families.
• No joining hands at the Our Father, or physical touch at the Sign of Peace, and the Cup for Holy Communion will not be offered.
• Holy Communion will be distributed after the final blessing. You will receive Holy Communion when you exit the Grand Hall.
• Hospitality Ministers will direct the way to the Holy Communion stations.
• Those attending Mass outside, may receive Holy Communion after the Grand Hall has emptied. Please wait at the Main Entrance door, maintaining physical distancing of 6 feet. The Hospitality Ministers will direct you into the Grand Hall and the way to Holy Communion at the appropriate time.
• Please do not congregate in the courtyard or the parking area following Mass.
• No donuts yet.

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