We Miss You!

Perhaps you have stayed away from Sunday Mass thinking that you wouldn’t get into the Grand Hall.


Please reconsider!


There’s been plenty of room in the Grand Hall for anyone wishing to attend Mass indoors! Though we are limited to no more than 100 people indoors for a Mass, we have yet to exceed 100 people for any Mass. Granted, a few have chosen to attend outdoors, but with both the indoor and outdoor count on Father’s Day weekend we never exceeded 100 people at any given Mass, with the fewest being 45 people at the 12:00 noon Mass.


The seating, in the Grand Hall,  is arranged to accommodate families, couples and individuals respecting the 6 foot physical distancing guidelines.. Please come, we miss you and would love to see you!  (Remember, you will need to bring your own face-covering.  Click here to see our Social Distancing Guidelines)

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