My 2018 PSA Letter to Corpus Christi

Dear Corpus Christi Faith Family Members,

This letter begins the 2018 diocesan wide Pastoral Services Appeal, also known as the PSA.  The annual PSA is a wonderful opportunity for us to actively participate in both the mission of the Church here in the Diocese of Orange, and in our local parish of Corpus Christi.  It is our mission to bring people to Christ and PSA is a vehicle that enables us to do just that.

The annual PSA supports county wide diocesan services and outreach ministries that no individual parish can provide, such as Catholic Charities of Orange County and Developmentally Disabled Services.  Every parish in the Diocese of Orange is given its fair share of the total PSA budget.  Our 2018 parish share is $91,000.  Once our assessment is met, all additional monies are returned to Corpus Christi in the form of a rebate that will be earmarked for our mission to bring people to Christ.

How do we fulfill our mission of bringing people to Christ?  Here at Corpus Christi we do it through the work of Ministries, Outreach, and Maintenance, also known as M.O.M.

  • Ministries: programs for our children and young people, sacramental preparation ranging from infant baptism to adult confirmation, training of lay leaders, staff development, parish retreats and providing spiritual growth opportunities through a series of classes based on the purpose driven model.
  • Outreach: socials such as our annual Thanksgiving meal, Trunk or Treat, Selfies with Santa, summer movie night, social media, and services such as Loaves and Fishes (meals for the homeless) and South County Outreach (providing assistance for those in need).
  • Maintenance: on-going care of our beautiful campus and craftsman style facility, which brings many not only to visit us, but also to Christ.

This year’s PSA rebate will be used to support the work of M.O.M. that brings the Word of God to all who call this parish their home.  Our total parish PSA goal including our diocesan assessment is $200,000.  This will enable us to carry out our mission to bring people to Christ in 2018.

As a faithful and conscientious supporter of this annual appeal in the past, I look to you to provide continual financial leadership in this important parish endeavor.  With this in mind, I am once again asking you to make a pledge.  In prayerfully discerning what you will be able to pledge, you may want to refer to the giving guide on the enclosed pledge envelope which also provides various paying options.

I am inviting you to join me and your Corpus Christi family in making your pledge on the weekends of February 24/25 and March 3/4.  Please complete the enclosed pledge envelope and bring it with you on either weekend.

As your pastor, I continue to be proud of your generosity over the years and how it has made a difference in the faith life of Corpus Christi.  My blessing is to be your pastor, now and for all that is to come.

Remember, you are Corpus Christi!

Father Tim


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