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Dear People of God,

As I mentioned in last week’s bulletin, starting January 9th we will be conducting a comprehensive planning study to determine support for a major fundraising effort and Corpus Christi. Every parish family will receive an invitation to participate and a detailed fact sheet about our plans. I thought it would be helpful to share some additional information with you prior to embarking on the study.

Q. What is a planning study?
A. It is an assessment used to gauge support for a capital campaign in our parish. The study will tell us whether our needs are seen as important by our parishioners, and help guide our planning for a potential fundraising effort.

Q. How is the study being conducted?
A. The study is being administered by the Steier Group, a Catholic development firm. They are surveying the entire parish to determine potential support for a fundraising campaign and will provide recommendations to our parish leadership regarding how to proceed.

Q. Why are we doing the study the potentially starting a campaign?
A. This study follows an extensive process initiated by parish leaders to determine the best course of action to further the mission of Corpus Christi. While our beautiful facilities have been a tremendous blessing to all, with them came debt that must be addressed in a significant way for our faith community to continue to thrive. The study will allow us to take prudent, thoughtful steps in discerning how to best address her needs now and in the future.

Q. What do you expect of me?
A. At this time, we ask only for your thoughtful feedback and prayers. Your input, participation and support will help us to make some critical decisions as we move forward. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me at anytime at frtim@corpuschristialisovoejo.org or 949.389.9011.

My blessing it is to be your pastor for now and all that is to come,

Fr. Tim Ramaekers

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