Welcome to the REVOLUTION!

What is “church”?

Is it a building with some pews… or in our case rows of white folding chairs?
A piano and worship aides?

Or is it something more….

Over 2000 years ago the Church was born.  It wasn’t made up of the rich, or the powerful, or the famous.

It was made up of everyday people who passionately believed in the message of one man….

Jesus Christ.

It was the beginning of a revolution –

A message of love and peace.
A message of freedom and compassion.
A message of inclusion and charity.

And that message would change the world forever.

In 361 AD the church built hospitals as places for those who could not care for themselves. Today, 1 out of every 4 of the world’s health care facilities are managed by the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church was the first to stand up for the rights of the most marginalized in society –

the poor,
and orphaned.

The church created the first orphanages,
the first homes for the elderly
the first homes for the disabled.

The church was a leading voice in advocating for the abolishment of slavery.

Much of the world’s greatest art, architecture, literature, and music has been shaped, commissioned, and nurtured by the church.


But the impact of the church isn’t just ancient history….


Today the church is stronger than ever and continues to impact


Today Corpus Christi is one of
over 17,900 local Catholic parishes in the United States
and over 218,000 Catholic parishes worldwide.

Together we stand ready to be instruments of change.

To do what governments can never do.

To be a first responder in providing relief to victims of


Every single day the church brings


to millions of people around the world


Let us continue Jesus’ revolution in our church today.

Let the Church have a renewed passion to continue to BE

A message of love and peace.
A message of freedom and compassion.
A message of inclusion and charity.

The world is just as troubled as ever.

We are not afraid because we stand together

We were created for such times as this

We will continue to do what we have always done…

We will proclaim the message of Jesus to a world that needs him so desperately.

Welcome to church

Welcome to the church

In our world
In our nation
In our state
In our county
In our own backyard …..

And this church is made up of people like me and like you.

Everyday people who will continue to make a difference.

The next time you come to Corpus Christi –
KNOW you just didn’t come to a building
You come to a revolution that began 2000 years ago….

I say, welcome to the revolution!

It is my privilege to be your Pastor,

Fr Tim Ramaekers

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