“Mercy in Motion” – Our Annual Season of Prayer has begun

We are now in our annual Season of Prayer.

“Mercy in Motion”
is the theme of this year’s  Annual Season of Prayer

Bear with one another’s burdens’s and you will fulfill the law of Christ” Gal 6:2

Mercy in Motion can be service of prayer.

It is you asking another to pray for you and it is you praying for another.
The commitment is for one week – just 7 days!

Write your prayer request on a prayer slip. Just one request per prayer slip please! Keep it short, simple, and if you like, anonymous.  Fold it in half and place it in the prayer basket by the altar in the Grand Hall.

Then please take someone else’s prayer request from the prayer basket and pray for them for one week.

Father will ask the community to pray over all of our petitions every time we meet from now until our Parish Ministry Fair weekend (June 4/5).

Prayer slips are available in the Grand Hall, but you may use any type of paper you want.

There is NO limit to how many prayers you may put in the basket.

Please take this opportunity to bring your needs before the Lord and allow our faith community to lift your petitions to our Father in heaven.

Plug Into The Power of Prayer!

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