Thank you Lector Ministry!

This month I would like to recognize those who proclaim God’s Word to us at every Mass – our wonderful Lector Ministry.  I can honestly say that our Corpus Christi Lector Ministry – day in and day out – is the best, most prepared, of any I have heard.

I appreciate all of you who are willing to take this ministry seriously and prepare well for it.  Your proclamation of Scripture makes the presence of God alive in our midst, stirs our hearts, challenges, comforts, and moves our community to work to make a difference.

So, to our lectors – thank you for volunteering to serve Corpus Christi in this unique way.

With special thanks to Mario Aguirre and John Misuraca for coordinating the Lector Ministry.

The current members of this ministry are:

Mario Aguirre
Michael Anderson
Kan Babcock
Thomas Balough
Jim Boulware
Jim Bresnen
Caryn Broesamle
Bob Brown
Priscilla Carroll
Janet Cheetham
Kelsea Cooper
Michele Dignan
Kevin Egan
Krizia Evasco
Steve Gottron
Tom Hinkle
Paul Jones
Joe Jovellanos
Anne Lopez
John Misuraca
Stephanie Mitri
Olivia Pagano
Ben Paine
Julie Pomerleau
Fiona Sanchez
Tom Shalvoy
Nancy Sigler
Lida Slater
Yani Tanorie
Staci Trout
Mary Van Norman
Tony Vittimberga

Do you have this special love of Christ and want to bring His presence to others through His Word? Then please consider becoming part of the Lector Ministry.

Participation in this ministry requires a strong, clear speaking voice and the ability to read in front of the congregation.  Attendance at a training session is required (sessions to be scheduled as needed) and the schedules are created on a quarterly basis.

To participate in or for more information on this very special ministry, please contact: John Misuraca at or 949.643.2255 or Mario Aguirre at or 949.362.9612

My blessing is to be your pastor now and for all that is to come!

Father Tim Ramaekers

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