Assisted Suicide Legislation Update


After an important success in our ongoing efforts to advance a culture of life – we were all overjoyed when the California Assembly withdrew from consideration the End of Life Option Act (SB 128) in late June.

Unfortunately Compassion and Choices (Formerly the Hemlock Society) and their supporters in the California Legislature were unwilling to accept the failure of SB 128 and reintroduced this
bill within a “special session” under a new name, AB2x15 End of life.

The bill is nearly identical and proponents were successful in pushing this very damaging bill through an expedited “special session” process in the assembly and senate. This process is normally reserved for emergency actions – such as disaster recovery funding.

Bishop Vann is encouraging all parishioners and community members to contact Governor Jerry Brown and voice their opposition to this bill, the tactics pursued to force the legalization of assisted suicide, and to request that he veto AB2x15.

The Governor has 15 days to review and veto this legislation.

Parishioners can call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841. Also, parishioners can e-mail Gov. Brown’s office directly at

Father Tim Ramaekers


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