126 Backpacks…and still counting!!!

Annual School Supply Drive Update

Dear People of God,

Last weekend we conducted our parish wide annual school supply for the clients of South County Outreach and their families…. Your response was extraordinary!!!  There was almost too much to count, but we did our best!

Over 800 items were donated (remember, many of these items were packages containing several of the same item i.e. 1 box of pens or pencils)

Here are some highlights of the list:

126 Backpacks (and still counting as more are still coming into the office!)
50 3-ring binders
66 packages of #2 pencils
55 packages of a variety of pens (plus 1 box that had too many pens to count!)
65 packages of lined paper
51 packages of glue
67 folders
39 packages of erasers
19 large boxes of crayons
3 staplers / box of staples
12 scissors
4 calculators
14 subject / index dividers for a binder
23 pencil pouches
13 composition books
7 memo booklets
43 pencil sharpeners
85 spiral notebooks
24 boxes of colored pencils
18 pencil cases
13 packages of markers
1 3-hole punch
2 reams of copier paper
5 packages of highlighters / dry erasers
19 rulers
11 packages of paper clips
10 packages of index cards

Plus numerous cash and check donations so South County Outreach can buy the school supplies they need.

Wow and THANK YOU!!! God’s generosity was truly expressed through Corpus Christi’s hands last weekend.

My blessing is to be your Pastor now and for all the exciting things that are to come!

Father Tim Ramaekers

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