Congratulations Kelsea! Our 2015 Corpus Christi Scholarship Awardee

The Youth at Corpus Christi are making a difference in our family, church, and soon the world!

We have a tradition of recognizing the top student of her/his accomplishments by awarding a $5,000 scholarship to be used for direct educational expenses. Selection of the finalist is made by a committee and based on criteria reflecting the values of our Corpus Christi Catholic-Christian Community, parish involvement, academic and other achievements.

We are pleased to announce that Kelsea Cooper is the recipient of this year’s scholarship.

Kelsea shares the following with us, “I’m honored and grateful to be recognized for my lifelong commitment to Corpus Christi by receiving this scholarship. This award acknowledges my dedication to Youth Ministry, lectoring, faith formation, and the Corpus Christi community. Over the past 16 years, Corpus Christi has helped me identify and shaped my goals for the future. Corpus Christi has opened up my heart to service, making the world a better place, and living a faith filled life. It’s Corpus Christi’s unique, supportive, and loving community that will continue to inspire me to be a visionary, and create positive change. I have been inspired by many adult and youth leaders in our faith community. I hope to carry on that torch of faith, love, and support throughout my life.”

Congratulations Kelsea – We are all so proud of you!


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