The Call to be a Minister of Holy Communion

This month I want to highlight our Eucharistic Ministry – those who minister to God’s holy people by distributing the precious Body and Blood of Christ to them at our Masses… Whether new or seasoned, I am very grateful to those who choose to serve in this ministry and praise you for your dedication and fidelity. I especially want to thank Dana Matteson and John Bonacci for coordinating this core ministry.

The current members of this ministry are:

  • Lisa Aguirre
  • Peter Aquino
  • Peggy Armenta
  • Kathy Babcock (O’Leary)
  • Roger Basa
  • Jose Bauson
  • Chris Beck
  • Linda Beck
  • Astrid Beltran
  • Gail Berra
  • Robert Berra
  • Millie Bianchi
  • John Bonacci
  • Joni Bonacci
  • Joy Bonde
  • Patty Broesamle
  • Sylvia Cintas
  • Bob Cody
  • Thomas DeSantis
  • Billy Diedrich
  • Elizabeth Diedrich
  • Monica Dunn
  • Suzanne Eckenrode
  • Robert Eckenrode
  • Scott Eisenbart
  • Jim Ellis
  • Joanne Fierro
  • Barbara Firth
  • Patti Fisher
  • Susie Foley
  • William Hanway
  • Mary Rose Hoang
  • Buenalie Jenkins
  • John Krupinski
  • Walt Lawson
  • Gloria Leslie
  • Paul Levandowski
  • Jim Long
  • Dana Matteson
  • Jeremy Matteson
  • Vince McCarthy
  • Barry Naegele
  • Barbara Najera
  • Mary O’Toole-Phillips
  • Beverly Pestritto
  • Salvatore Pestritto
  • Donna Marie Risse
  • Pam Rumi
  • Sue Sachs
  • Susan Sadd
  • Ron Slater
  • Kelly Snyder
  • Joe Tacloban
  • Ronnie Tanorie
  • Yani Tanorie
  • Mary Ann Tingley
  • Chris Watson
  • Robert Wayner
  • Mary Wilde
  • Robert Younger
  • Matthew Zeller
  • Cheryl Robinson
  • Karen Valley
  • Terrence Yacap
  • Aileen Slivkoff

Being a Minister of Holy Communion is humbling and beautiful. Here is the opportunity to serve the deep hunger of people to find the presence of Christ. This is their ministry and their privilege. The presence of the risen Christ which they bring, both in the sacrament and in their person, is a presence characterized by a deeply spiritual, realistic love – a love that seeks the good of others – a love that never ends.

Do you have this special love of Christ and want to bring His presence to others? Then please consider volunteering to be a Eucharistic Minister.

Participation in this ministry requires a two – year commitment of rotating month long shifts. Members are typically scheduled to serve communion at the weekend Mass of their choice for a full month, then take 1 month off. Members must be at least 25 years old, confirmed, and a Catholic in good standing.

To participate or for more information on this very special ministry, please contact: John Bonacci 949.394.3081 or email him at:

My blessing is to be your Pastor now and for all the exciting things that are to come!

Father Tim Ramaekers

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