Thank you F.I.S.H. 2014 – 2105 Catechists and Aides!

We truly thank our F.I.S.H. 2014-2015 Catechists & Aides!

You are all so amazing, creative, and faith-filled! Your various
methods of teaching and your personalities have helped our
Corpus Christi F.I.S.H. children from grades 1 to 5 learn more
about their Catholic faith especially by loving God and loving

Thank you so much for your time, patience, and your continual
learning and teaching of our beautiful Catholic faith to
our FISH children.
Grade 1 – Victoria Iacobelli, Paul Levandowski, and Carolyn Posey
Grade 2 – Monica Harrington, Cathy Ricker, Amanda Manahan, and Diana Braganza
Grade 3 – Susie Hays and Betina Pang
Grade 4 – Vini Nunez and Mercedes Wagner
Grade 5 – Bob Eckenrode and Rick Zimmer
Substitute Catechists – Linda Lueken and Charlene Callahan

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