Parishes in Collaboration (formerly Parishes In Need) Special 2nd Collection

THIS weekend May 30/31, 2015, all people of the Diocese of Orange will have the opportunity to donate to the Parishes in Collaboration Collection.  This collection is for the purpose of assisting parishes in the Diocese of Orange that exhibit ongoing needs that can not be paid for by their ordinary income and has urgent needs (such as repairs and maintenance).

All money donated to this collection is put into a restricted fund that will be administered by a group consisting of laity and clergy of the diocese. Parishes with needs as stated above will apply for grants from this fund to be used for their specific needs. Most recently the committee has focused the grants to safety issues including emergency electrical and plumbing repairs.

By participating in the Parishes in Collaboration Collection, all people of the Diocese of Orange are helping one another support the works of our parishes that struggle financially. Please be as generous as your circumstance allow and thank you for your ongoing generosity.

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