Thank you Altar Care Ministry!

This month I want to highlight the third “leg” of our invisible yet indispensable – “behind the scenes”  – Ministries…. The Altar Care Ministry.

With deep love and reverence for the Holy Eucharist, the Altar Care Ministry members fill an essential and behind the scenes role in the preparation and celebration of the Eucharist at Corpus Christi.

Members of the Altar Care Ministry have two options in how they can serve our faith family. First, they can choose to “set the table” or prepare and oversee the Communion articles and elements (the cups, Ciboria, and placement of the gifts of bread and wine).   They also clean these items or “do the dishes” after each liturgical celebration. The second way to serve is by “doing the laundry” – that is to take the purificators home to clean, press, and return… (I hear the ministry has a nifty press that makes this part of the job a snap!).

I thank each member of this faith filled ministry for their hard work & dedication…

The current members of this crucial ministry are: Maria Abello–Fider, Brandon Bunk-Jensen, Keenan Bunk-Jensen, Maricel Bunk-Jensen, Veronica Encinas, Andy Fider, Bing Fider, Tom Hinkle, Lukas Johnson, Doug Johnson, Mira Johnson, Anna Macaya, Steven Magbuhat, Kathleen Mathews, Gigi McGrath, and Jim McGrath.

With special thanks to Cathy Koperek for her coordination of this ministry.

The Altar Care Ministry members work quietly in the background. Most of us don’t even realize what they do, but would surely miss them if they were not there!

We seek volunteers who feel the call to serve the Lord – want to help create and support the best worship experience for all who choose to be a part of our faith family – and who don’t mind working behind the scenes.  Could this be you? If so, I urge you to speak to Cathy. You may contact her at 949.510.5913 or you may email her at:

My blessing is to be your pastor now and for all the exciting things that are to come!

Fr. Tim

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