Thank you Maintenance Ministry for all that you do!

Corpus Christi has been blessed with many generous parishioners who have given of their financial resources so that we may worship – and do God’s work – in our unique craftsman-style parish center. It is our desire, and responsibility, to continue to steward the maintenance and upkeep of this facility for the glory of God and His kingdom.

Our Maintenance Ministry helps us to live out that stewardship by helping to preserve the beauty of our church home. Each member pitches in about 2 hours a month to vacuum, mop, dust, and clean. They are members of an invisible yet indispensible ministry and I thank each and every one of them for their dedication and model of stewardship.

The current members of the Maintenance Ministry are:

Cindy Arnold, Gina Basa, Mike Berg, Ron Bonk, Kingsley Cannon, Tom Cole, Shawn Collins, Jenna Eisenbart, Jen Escobar, Bing Fider, Bob Foley, Carol Gavin, Pete Gavin, Elaine Go, Mary Gunderson, Terry Haffey Ellen Haymaker, John Jaksa, Joann Jones, Cathy Koperek, David Lachey, Craig Lawrence, Tim Martin, James Matthews, Kevin McGinn, Al Monicatti, Debi Monicatti, Brenda Palacios, Chris Petro, Gil Romo, Donna Salvucci, Michelle Stablow, Christine Swanson, Jim Tamialis, Jerry Toice, Mary Van Norman, Tim Ward, Janet Welch, and Robert Younger.

With special thanks to Kevin McGinn for expertly coordinating this ministry!

My blessing is to be your pastor now and for all the exciting things that are to come!

Fr. Tim


For more information or to join this ministry, please contact Kevin McGinn at 714.815.6198 or email him at





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