Member Engagement Survey (ME-25)

Dear People of God,

Only a few short weeks ago ( November of this year) I invited you to participate in our first ever  ME-25 survey. This survey was produced by the Gallup organization and will be used as a measure of the spiritual health of the parish. If you would like an overview of the ME-25 survey tool, reading the Gallup Faith Practice ME25 Brochure would be an excellent place to start.

Results Overview

After all the surveys were entered, the Gallup organization compiled the results and then provided them to the parish. I have presented these results to the Pastoral Council and to Pastoral Staff and now I make them available to you.  The Council, staff, and a team of other parishioners will soon begin assisting me with assessing the results and looking at areas where the survey showed opportunities for growth .  All along the way I will be communicating our progress to you via the parish bulletin and website.

After the Christmas season, we will publish an in-depth look at each of the questions.  Again, look for that explanation in the parish bulletin or website.

To read the report in it’s entirety, click here: ME25 REPORT – Corpus Christi (Aliso Viejo, CA) 12-1-2014

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation.  You’ve given us a lot to talk about!

My blessing is to be your pastor now and for all the exciting things to come.

Fr. Tim

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