April 26, 2017
Dear People of God,
Our campaign will officially kick off this weekend (April 29/30)!
At that time, we will be explaining the process of the campaign, how it will work, what our goals are and what progress we’ve made so far.
We’ve decided that the theme of our campaign will be Building an Inheritance of Hope: Celebrating our Past, Envisioning our Future. This campaign will be about just that: taking ownership of our building and the commitment we have made to make this our home and providing a bright future for the generations at Corpus Christi ahead of us.
We will be having information tables after all of the Masses on this weekend (April 29/30) with some of our volunteer leaders available to answer any questions you may have.
We will also be having a reception after the 10:00 Mass to help us start this campaign off on the right foot, Corpus Christi style!
So if you would like to join us for the celebration and want some delicious food, plan on coming to the 10:00 Mass or coming back afterwards for some good fellowship.
April 23, 2017

Dear People of God,

Below is are the sixth & seventh questions we addressed in the 04.23.17 bulletin:

Q) What ways can I give to the campaign?

A) There are many ways you can give to the campaign. Gifts of cash are the most common and simplest way you can give. Whether it be by cash, check or card, this will give the parish the most flexibility in how we allocate the funds we receive. If you prefer, you can also give electronically by going to our website and clicking on the link for “Online Giving” located under the “Giving Opportunities” section of the main menu. This might be a more advantageous option for those who’d like to pay with credit card, and thus receive those benefits. Below are some alternative ways you can give to the parish. We will be providing more information about these options in the coming weeks.

  • gifts of real estate
  • gifts of stock or mutual fund
  • naming the parish as beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • planned gifts and bequests
  • retirement plans
  • IRA charitable rollovers
  • corporate matching gifts in-kind gifts

Regardless of the method, each and every gift will be greatly appreciated. Contact the parish if you’d like more information about how to take advantage of one of the options listed above.

Q) If I can’t make a large donation, will my contribution still help?

A) Absolutely! We, by no means, expect everyone to make an equal gift, but rather, we hope that everyone will make an equal sacrifice. In other words, we are asking you to consider making a gift beyond what is comfortable, one that you can take great pride in, knowing that with your generosity on earth, you are storing up treasure in heaven. Our goal is to have 100% participation because every gift makes a difference, every gift counts!

April 16, 2017

Dear People of God,

Below is the fifth question we addressed in the 04.16.17 bulletin:

Q) How does a campaign work? When will I be asked to give? What is our goal?

A) The basic elements of a campaign are somewhat familiar, but the process will be new to some of you. In the past, we have made a broad appeal to the parish at large. In this campaign, you will be asked specifically for a personal commitment to this effort.

Not everyone can give at the same financial level. A gift of $100 might be an enormous sacrifice for some. A gift of $50,000 might not even be a drop in the bucket for others. All we can do is ask that you give at a level that is meaning- ful to you. Our goal is for each and every one of us to re- spond not necessarily at the same financial level, but at the same sacrificial level.

A couple of weeks after Easter, you will be receiving a packet of information in the mail that will contain a letter from Fr. Tim asking you to consider committing to a specific amount for the campaign. In some cases, members of our volunteer team will then follow up with you regarding this request.

Once this occurs, we hope that you take some time to dis- cern what will be a meaningful gift for you. We also ask that you be accommodating and respectful to our volun- teers who may be reaching out to you. Please remember that they are giving of their own free time to help with this effort.

April 9, 2017

Dear People of God,

Below is the fourth question we addressed in the 04.09.17 bulletin:

Q) Why can’t we live with the loan? Most people have a mortgage. Why is this any different?

A) The primary function of a church is not just to be a place of residence and worship. Our mission is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community around us and grow disciples within our own parish family. This sacred duty requires more than just a beautiful home, but a significant investment of time, energy and financial resources.

A successful capital campaign would reduce the life of our loan by more than 20 years and would save the parish hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments. Think of what we could do with 20 years of the mortgage being a thing of the past and hundreds of thousands of dollars to work with!

While having a mortgage is a reality that the vast majority of us experience, a mortgage for your home and a mort- gage for your church are a little bit different.

For one, it’s not a bank’s money – The money we borrowed came from the Orange Catholic Foundation (the diocese). These funds, the money that we owe, are desperately needed, especially by poorer parishes that are trying to grow their own communities. It would not be right for us to neglect the needs of so many other communities and chart- able services within the diocese by neglecting to pay our debt.

Furthermore, the usual vehicles of paying down the debt have not been enough recently and the parish has been forced to pull money out of savings to cover the difference and pay the mortgage. That is not a recipe for long-term sustainability or growth. We want to address this need now, so that we can focus on the future of our parish.

April 2, 2017

Below is the third question we addressed in the 04.02.17 bulletin:

Q) Why do we need a fundraising campaign NOW?

A) We have already come so far in reducing the debt owed on this building. Our balance is less than half of what it once was. Over the years, we have used the PSA to piece by piece, pay down the debt. However, the debt is never going to go away and the sooner we do something about it, the sooner we can begin to focus on our mission to share the gospel and provide service to the community of Aliso Viejo. This campaign effort will be the tremendous tailwind that moves us even closer to the goal on the horizon. The impact that a successful campaign will have on the life of our parish cannot be overstated.

It will also be a unique opportunity to engage everyone in the community as we work together for the future of the parish. The Steier Group has projected that we will be able to raise at least $2,300,000 in the campaign. This will mean that instead of continuing to pay down the debt piece by piece, we will significantly reduce the principle of the loan and in so doing, greatly reducing the amount of time it will take to repay our building loan. Instead of continuing to kick the can down the road, we are taking action as a parish to address needs now.

March 26, 2017

Below is the second question we addressed in the 3.26.17 bulletin:

Q) Why do we need a fundraising campaign?

A) Through the PSA and building fund donations over the past couple of years, the parish has just been able to cover our mortgage payments each month. Recently, we were able to successfully reduce our current interest rate with the diocese and negotiate a much more manageable monthly payment of around $17,000. However, because we are still not in a position to allocate any of our offertory income towards these debt payments, our operating expenses and our ability to invest in the development and growth of the parish has been adversely affected. This is the crux of our problem. Necessity has forced us to continue to draw from the parish’s reserves just to stay afloat. These needs combined with critical maintenance and repairs have placed the parish in an untenable position.

Despite these challenges, a new light is beginning to dawn on our parish in Aliso Viejo. We have begun to see an increase in our offertory giving. Furthermore, the Steier Group has projected that we can raise between $2,3000,000 and $2,600,000 through a campaign. If we can accomplish this, this would “get the monkey off our back” for the next 3+ years, allowing the parish to truly begin to focus its resources on matters that will effect the long-term growth of the parish.

March 19, 2017

Dear People of God,

In an effort to communicate as effectively as possible with all of you, we have created a section in our parish bulletin entitled, “Campaign Corner – Frequently Asked Questions“.

As we move forward with the Campaign we will be running these articles very frequently in our parish bulletin. Please be on the look-out for them.

Below is the first question we addressed in this week’s bulletin:

Q) Will the goal of the fundraising campaign be to reduce the debt for our building or to begin building a new, permanent church?

A) Before we can even begin thinking about a permanent church, we must address the debt. For that reason, this campaign will be focused solely on reducing the debt still owed on our current building.

Building a new church on our campus has always been a part of the master plan for our parish. We will continue to re-evaluate and discern what is best for our community and how the Holy Spirit is calling us to provide for our current and future needs. However, it is difficult to focus our vision on anything beyond the obstacle that is our debt. It constrains our daily operations, let alone our plans for future building.

Once the debt is reduced, we will be in a position to shift our gaze to the long-term growth of the parish and determine our next steps, whether that will be starting to plan for a permanent church or making improvements to the Grand Hall. One thing is for certain, we will not seek to immediately saddle our community with another large debt once again.

My blessing is to be your Pastor now and for all that is to come,

Fr. Tim



February 25, 2017

Dear People of God,

I would like to extend a special thanks to those of you who participated in the recent planning study conducted at Corpus Christi. We received a wonderful response from the church, feedback that is extremely beneficial as we look to the future of Corpus Christi.

After gathering and analyzing data from the study, representatives from the Steier Group reported their findings to the Finance and Pastoral Councils as well as the Pastoral Staff on February 8th. We learned that there is widespread support for moving forward with a large fundraising campaign. We also learned that many of you have questions about the long-term vision for Corpus Christi and how a campaign will help our parish accomplish its goals. Some of the key indicators of support were the following:

  • 75% of respondents indicated they were in favor of a campaign
  • 86% of respondents said they would be willing to make a gift to the campaign

Based on the information above, the Steier Group recommended that we move forward with a major fundraising capital campaign.

Our Pastoral and Finance Councils were unanimous in their agreement and voted to proceed with the effort. As mentioned during the study, this means that we will NOT be conducting the Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) in 2017. On February 22nd, we received permission from the Orange Catholic Foundation (OCF) to move forward with this plan. You will be hearing much more about the campaign in the coming weeks and months.

Once again, thank you for participating in this critical study for Corpus Christi. Your input has been extremely beneficial and will help to ensure the success of our upcoming campaign. With the Lord guiding us and our church, I have no doubt our efforts will be abundantly blessed.

My blessing is to be your Pastor now and for all that is to come,

Fr. Tim

My email is: frtim@corpuschristialisoviejo.org

My direct line is: 949.389.9011


Corpus Christi fact sheet: Corpus Christi Fact Sheet

For more information on The Steier Group: http://www.steiergroup.com/survey/