Opportunites for Generosity

The following is a list of new / unused items ministry leaders and pastoral staff have requested – most of these items are not included in the the parish’s annual budget.

If you are able to gift, purchase, and/or donate monies to purchase the following items, email or call the Parish office at 949.389.9008.

Thank you for your loving and generous support and for considering…

Parish General Use:


FISH:  Catholic/ Christian videos – Specifically The “Brother Francis” videos: Episode 1: Let’s Pray, Episode 2: Bread of Life (already have this), Episode 3: Rosary (already have this), Episode 4: Forgiven (already have this), Episode 5: Born into the Kingdom, Episode 6: The Mass, Episode 7: O Holy Night (already have this), Episode 8: The Saints , Episode 9: Following in His Footsteps

FISH: Rosaries, holy cards, medals, bookmarks, prayer books, or other items that promote our Catholic faith           Note: These are little things given as prizes from the FISH Treasure chest or recognition gifts.

FISH: Non-allergic snacks – NO NUTS (e.g. rice krispies treats, fruit snacks, string cheese, pretzels, etc.)                   Note: These are snacks for children during Large Group Sessions or for hungry students in class sessions.

FISH: Markers (all colors)

FISH: Painting tape, duct tape



Maintenance/Custodial Items:



The most obvious lesson in Christ’s teaching is that there is no happiness in having or getting anything, but only in giving.  ~ Henry Drummond