January 28-29, 2006

‘Safe Environment Czar’ volunteer sought….

The responsibility for ensuring that all the volunteers and employees of Corpus Christi who have ANY interaction (or opportunity for bonding) with our children and youth are properly trained and appropriately cleared through fingerprinting is of utmost importance. Rather than have this responsibility be just one more task amongst many of our present staff and ministry volunteers, Corpus Christi is looking for a ‘Safe Environment Czar’ who will become THE point person ensuring that all our volunteers and staff are in full  compliance with Diocesan guidelines and requirements. While not absolutely essential, ideally this potential Czar would perhaps have a background in law enforcement. Certainly the Czar must have  an impeccable background themselves, be available for participation in all Diocesan Safe Environment programs, and have the zeal and availability to maintain appropriate records at our parish offices. This is not a ministry that can be done at home, but once up and running is not necessarily a day-to-day sort of task but rather a vigilant oversight ministry.  The Czar will assume responsibility for actually presenting the Safe Environment Programs to all future staff and volunteers as warranted. This is primarily a VOLUNTEER position, but a small stipend will be provided as compensation for required travel or meeting times. All expenses associated with the Safe Environment effort will of course be carried by Corpus Christi. If you are interested in being considered for the ‘Safe Environment Czar’ position, please send a letter of interest to Fr. Fred at 6-A Liberty, Suite 100, Aliso Viejo, CA  92656. Please state your reasons for desiring this position, any pertinent background information, an explanation of how your present circumstances allow you the freedom to accept this position, any previous experience that would lend itself to the Czar role. Please provide complete contact information, address,  both phone and e-mail (e-mail accessibility is a requirement) and the names and contact information of 3 persons (not immediate family) who could vouch for your qualifications for this position. Please be aware that you yourself will be fingerprinted and have your name run through assorted Federal and State databases as part of the vetting process. The pro-active safety of our children and youth is too important to simply have as one more task for an already busy staff….thus at Corpus Christi, we want to have one person make this their one AND ONLY ministerial outreach. Thanks.


Our Corpus Christi Singles are sketching out their New Year options….

#1. Our first dinner and movie night of the year will be on February 11th after the five o'clock mass.  We'll meet by the scrip table at Corpus Christi.

 #2. There will be a potluck for Super bowl Sunday (February 5th) at Ed Belen’s house (5 Sherrelwood Court, Aliso Viejo).  Please contact Ed for more details and directions.

 #3. We are planning to go to Temecula for wine tasting again this spring; presently plan for a weekend after Easter.  Will be like last year's and will be opened to non-singles.   If you would like more information or would like to sign up to participate and/or help with any of these gatherings…please give a call to  Ed Belen 643-6157.


A first-ever Mardi Gras Parish Food Fair is coming….have you a favorite recipe you want to showcase?

Something NEW is on the horizon for the weekend prior to Ash Wednesday. These weeks between the end of Christmas and the beginning of Lent are when our Southern friends celebrate Mardi Gras  (Fat Tuesday), which traditionally reaches its culmination this year on Tuesday, February 28th, with the revelry ceasing with the arrival of Ash Wednesday at Midnight.  Following each of the Masses on the weekend of February 25-26 we will be featuring our first-ever Mardi Gras Parish Food Fair with groups and individuals having an opportunity to showcase an ethnic or personal food for purchase and enjoyment after ALL the Masses.  This is not competitive (like the Chili competition….sorry Lou!) but rather a festive and fun way to enjoy each other’s favorite foods and perhaps even generate a little bit of revenue for the Building Fund.  Participants must provide their own cooking equipment, coolers, camp stoves/barbeques, etc. The parish will provide plates, napkins eating utensils, awnings, tables (and lighting for the 5:00 p.m. Mass.) Each participant is asked to fund their own food purchase as their donation to the effort (like we did for the Chili competition) , and then further donating all proceeds from food sales to the Building Fund. As a special opportunity, established Parish Ministries and Organizations will be allowed to keep 50% of their proceeds for their own use and the other 50% to be donated to the Parish Building Fund. There is NO REGISTRATION or PARTICIPATION FEE. Applications/registrations to help us arrange for orderly set-up are now available on the Concierge Shelves. If you want further information please make contact with Tim Moran at 215-2676 or Mark Coleman at 362-9024. Move over Cooking Channel, look out New Orleans….Corpus Christi’s Mardi Gras Parish Food Fair is coming….heat up the ovens, break out the saucepans…and share your favorite family recipes.  And yes…the Bacon Booth will make its debut!


Corpus Christi Men’s Fellowship is frying the bacon….

Attention fellow bipeds of the MALE persuasion….next Saturday, aside from being the Eve of Super Bowl Sunday…is also the FIRST Saturday of the month, which means Men’s Fellowship is cooking breakfast and gathering for their monthly ‘do’. Mr. Dale Loepp, our NEW Adult Faith Formation Coordinator will be sharing and presenting his story of conversion and thirst for knowledge that has led him to both become Roman Catholic and to seek his doctorate in theological studies. Come, eat, pray, talk, listen…and have a really good time to start off the month of February. Come early to help cook and set-up…or come for breakfast at 7:30. And don’t worry, there won’t be any Valentine exchanges.


The Good Friday Prayer Breakfast committee is in need of some TECHNICAL assistance…..

The Committee has a need for some talented folks who are very comfortable with the use of a digital camera, and are not hesitant to demonstrate that talent by taking lots of professional quality photos on the morning of the Prayer Breakfast event.  We also need some special people who have the background and equipment to handle producing between 300 and 500 CD’s with the digital photos on them from the event.  We need an experienced art and graphics person to ensure the collection of the business logos from the Prayer Breakfast sponsors and properly format the logos for use on printed handouts, web site, and signage.   Please contact Mark Coleman at 362-9024 if you can provide the help in any of these areas.  Volunteers with a serving heart and exceptional skills are preferable.  Bidders with a serving heart and discounted high quality work will be considered.  Thank you.


Corpus Christi Couples Ministry will be nibbling and sipping for Valentine’s Day….

Share some red & white with your valentine...wine that is.  The Corpus Christi Couples Ministry is hosting a wine tasting on February 12th from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at The Reserve Wine Bar & Shop in Ladera Ranch.  Ed Manetta, owner and instructor at UCI of 10 different wine classes, will host 12 couples only for wine tasting and light hors d'oeuvres at $50 a couple.  Please call Laura Armor at (949) 481-9108 for more details.  This event is only available to 12 couples so please call today to reserve your spot! 


Still quite the ways off, but just so you get these events on your long-term calendar….

February 25-26, Mardi Gras Parish Food Fair after all the Masses

March 1st, Ash Wednesday, Lent Begins

March 11-12, Corpus Christi’s tip of the hat to all things Irish…go Harp…go Guinness!

April 8-9, Palm Sunday Weekend

April 14, Good Friday Prayer Breakfast

April 15, Easter Vigil, Candidates and Catechumens are welcomed and received into the Catholic Faith

April 16, Easter Sunday

May 6, Women’s Luncheon and Fashion Show at Mission Viejo Country Club featuring clothing by Coldwater Creek.

June 3-4, Pentecost  and Parish Ministry Fair following all the Masses

June 12. Parish Golf Tournament at Aliso Viejo Golf Club

June 17-18, Feast of Corpus Christi, Parish 7th Anniversary (also Father’s Day weekend)

July 18-19-20, Bethlehem Village Summer Experience


Dust bunnies beware…Corpus Christi Men’s Fellowship is on your tail!

It’s that time of year for spring-cleaning, and that includes our church. On February 18th starting at 8:00 a.m., The Men’s Fellowship group will be organizing a work / clean-up project to get our church ready for the Easter Season. What a great way for parents and their teenagers to begin preparing for Lent. The work project will conclude with a BBQ luncheon, so you will be fed both spiritually and physically. If you can help, please call Pat Welch at 949-425-3616, so we know how many people will attend and help.


And you thought PSA would only be in the homily!!??

Special thanks to all who responded to this weekend’s Pastoral Services Appeal. Without trying to sound judgmental, we Roman Catholics frequently enjoy the anonymity of our very large parishes…because we can sort of go unnoticed and slip away whenever assorted appeals are made to get us involved in one thing or another. There can be an attitude of…. ‘I’m too busy’ or… ‘Let someone else take care of it.’ When it comes to the Pastoral Services Appeal, this particular effort is about generating LARGE quantities of money for OUR HOME, the home in which our FAMILY will gather. None of us likes to have to pay for expensive undertakings….I am pretty sure that most of us would rather have some sort of sugar-daddy pay our way…or magically have someone win the Lotto and do it for us. BUT….that is a fantasy that doesn’t work in most aspects of our lives, and especially doesn’t hold water when it comes to funding our own construction efforts. With 1500 families, you might be tempted to think that this would be a pretty easy undertaking, after all, with $100 a month ($20 a week or so) from each and every family for the remaining 10 months of 2006 would very generously fund our loan-repayment efforts. What happens however, is that each and every family does not choose to participate. The reasons for people choosing to not participate in our FAMILY focus and effort range from extreme financial hardship to some people seeing the parish merely as a convenient place to go to Mass but not someplace in which they are willing to contribute their hard-earned money.  Aside from the generating of loan-repayment monies, the Pastoral Services Appeal is a prime opportunity for us to SERIOUSLY consider what it means to belong to a parish. It is here where we come into contact with the 2000 year-old story of Jesus Christ, it is here that we find comfort and challenge from each other’s presence, it is here that we will laugh, cry and struggle to make sense of our lives. It is here that we will celebrate new births, moments of passage and maturation and final farewells as the door of death closes on those we cherish. It is here that the RICHNESS and FULLNESS of life is lived in a manner that gives it meaning and purpose. In a culture that has made it very convenient to be insulated form each other, it is within our home where we discover the responsibilities of being FAMILY….and equally the abundant blessings that are ours for the taking with participation. In order for us to be Corpus Christi, in order for us to continue on the unique paths we are trying to navigate, we absolutely need the personal commitment and investment by all those who call Corpus Christi home. It is an absolute need that we each lay claim not only to the richness of who we are….but the responsibility that comes with being Corpus Christi. Right now (and for the foreseeable years to come) part of that responsibility is to pay for our home…..and I would ask that each and every person who avails of the graces of Corpus Christi to financially contribute to this FAMILY EFFORT. Most good things require hard work and sacrifice and the funding of our construction is no different. If you have not yet made  a PSA pledge…..please, please, please….we can’t be as strong or as grace-filled without you as we can be with you…..we need you…..please, please, please, make a PSA pledge and help us become what God is calling us to be.   Love, Fr. Fred K.

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